Guci Guesthouses


Dear Guest,

Thank you very much for your reservation with us, we are delighted to have you as our guest. In our mail we have already confirmed your reservation with a booking code and the amount of the deposit required.

Payment Instructions:

Enter your Booking Code and the amount as mentioned in your confirmation mail and press the ‘Make Payment’ button to pay your deposit using PayPal. As a friendly reminder, a PayPal account is not mandatory for you to pay, you can also use PayPal using your bank or credit card.

Payment to Guci Guesthouses

Enter the payment details and submit

Validating payment information…
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Validating payment information…
Waiting for PayPal…

If you already have a PayPal account enter your e-mail address and password and press login, otherwise press “Don’t have a PayPal Account?” in order to pay with your bank or credit card.

Once the deposit has been received your booking will then be guaranteed and we will send you a confirmation. You can now start counting the days until your warm welcome at Guci Guesthouses.

Sincerely yours,
Nyoman, Ulli and Daniel.