One of the many things we and our guests really enjoy is the lush tropical garden in which Guci Guesthouses are located. Tropical plants and flowers create an atmosphere in which you really feel as though you’ve gone back to nature.

Lush vegetation abounds, and is interspersed with tasteful Balinese sculptures which create the perfect environment for relaxing and freeing your mind from every day worries. Geckos, frogs and singing insects will serenade you whilst ambling along the paths, and the perfumes of flowering shrubs and trees will help to transport you to another place. 

Chances are pretty big you will notice Nyoman busy with his daily offerings. When he is not around you can find these offerings at the small house temples, at the entrance to your accommodation, or on the intersections of the winding paths. These offerings are an important part of the Balinese culture and can be found all over Bali. Just have a close look at them to see how wonderfully they are made. Each offering is a piece of art in itself. A present to the Gods.

Centrally located in the garden is the breakfast pavilion. Over here you will enjoy your breakfast and very often it is a meeting place where our guests exchange impressions and tips for their stay at Bali. More then once long-term friendships have been founded over here.