Nyoman’s Studio

When you walk around in Ubud you will see many galleries. The Ubud community is very artistic and Nyoman is no exception to that. Over the years he has created many paintings, which have found their way around the world. One of the highlights of his painting career was an exhibition in Germany.

Since starting to paint, many years ago, his styles and subjects have changed. In the art studio you’ll find a refreshing variation of paintings. Nyoman doesn’t limit himself to a certain style or mass production of over used subjects as seen over the island. Sometimes the paintings are traditional and realistic, and at others a more abstract style appears. You will most definitely have the impression that you have not seen similar work before, and the thought of “wait a minute, I’ve seen this one before” will not enter your mind. 

Mood and inspiration determine the painting. Sometimes Nyoman knows exactly how a mental picture can be transferred even before a single stroke of paint touches the canvas. On other occasions the painting will develop itself as Nyoman puts his all into the creative process. Because of this way of painting, straight from the heart, it is always a surprise to what you’ll find in the art studio. Returning visitors will be amazed at the variety and changes and changes in style compared to previous visits. However, there is one thing all his paintings have in common, they are all vessels of a great love of art, life and expression unique to Nyoman. Only repeated and close observations of the paintings will reveal all their details and secrets, and in some instances these take years to discover. Every viewing is revelation and a source of new wonder.

Because of other projects it seemed Nyoman was less active painting lately. But recently he surprised us all with a collection of 8 brand new abstract paintings which he introduced as the beginning of a new era. Although the pictures still had to be signed the first one was sold in minutes. We cannot wait for more new paintings to come.