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Here you’ll find some useful links. Some will bring you to the private homepages of former guests, others will provide you more information and tips for planning your trip to Bali. Happy surfing.

Nyoman, Ulli and Daniel

Bali Links

With big pride and happiness we are pleased we can now introduce you a new place to stay in Ubud. Villa Unggul, the place from our son Daniel is currently still under construction but we’ll inform you once the opening date is known.

Villa Unggul

Indonesia Links

Many people who visit Bali do that after a visit to Java. Java Travel Tourist Services, a dedicated family team provide tailor made tours so you will be able to visit Java with a private driver and guide in your own pace. This ensures you will see the best of Java and make the most of your time over there. Check them out and you will be surprised by their competitive prices.

Java Travel

Private homepage

The homepage from Marc Willemsen, a long term friend and webmaster of this site.

M double U