About Us

In 1986 we had a dream…

Our dream was to create a paradise within a paradise. Not only as a home for ourselves and our son Daniel, but also a place to feel “at home” for our guests.

As a location for our paradise we choose Pengosekan, a small community a short walking distance from Ubud. We are close enough to shops and restaurants to fulfill all your needs, but located just off the center so you can enjoy the peace and quietness.

Guci Guesthouses started off as a small homestay, but now, more than thirty years later a lot has changed. Ubud has grown and now has an amazing selection of shops and restaurants. Also our small homestay has been modernized, but has not lost its charms that attracted visitors from the beginning on.

Many guests have enquired to the origin of the name of Guci Guesthouses. This goes back a long time, even long before we started dreaming about our little paradise. One day Nyoman went to his grandfathers house in Denpasar and saw this beautiful jar, which was once used to store drinking water. The Balinese word for this jar is ‘Guci’ and when we started Guci Guesthouses we named it after grandfather’s jar.