Useful Information


Guci Guesthouses is located in Pengosekan, a small community only a short walking distance from Ubud. We are close enough to shops and restaurants to fulfill all your needs, but still far enough way from the center so you can enjoy peace and quiet. Ubud is perfectly situated to become a base from which to explore the sights of Bali, both locally and further across the island. Inexpensive transport of varying forms is available. If you are thinking of renting a car or jeep, an international driving license is required for the duration of your stay.

We have prepared a binder with useful information for you with lots of tips and ideas to make your stay more pleasant (Tours, Restaurants, Shops etc.)

How to get to Guci Guesthouses

When you arrive at the airport the easiest way to get to Guci Guesthouses is to take a taxi to Pengosekan – Ubud. At the airport a 24 hour Taxi-service is available. At the Taxi counter (At the exit to the left) you can buy a ticket to Ubud and a taxi will be appointed to you. Most of the drivers already know Guci Guesthouses in Pengosekan – Ubud, but if that’s not the case you might want to show him the map below. With the help of the map he won’t have any problems bringing you to us.

Additionally we can arrange an airport pickup service for you so a driver will be waiting at the airport on your arrival, please contact us for further details.

Once you follow the path from the street you will find our reception and get a glimpse of the lush garden. If we’re not around please ring the bell and we will come to welcome you. Sit down, relax and make yourself comfortable.     

While waiting for us you may meet one of our friendly staff, who not only keep Guci Guesthouses spotlessly clean but will also prepare and serve your breakfast in the morning. 

In case you would like to bring US$ 100 notes on your journey, we would like to advise you to bring only new (printed after 1996), clean and preferably unused notes.

Lots of banks and exchange offices won’t accept US$ notes printed before 1996, or when they are dirty and / or cut.

US$ 100 notes will give you better exchange rates than smaller denominations.

Euros are easily accepted everywhere and cause less problems then dollars.

ATM’s are now widely available in Ubud.

Pool usage nearby… Many hotels offer the use of their pool for a nominal fee, sometimes including some food and a drink.

We do not offer parking for cars (motorbikes and bicycles possible) , like everywhere in Ubud parking is an issue. At some places in our neighborhood paid parking is available.